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Demolish or Retrofit?

Buildings are responsible for nearly 40 percent of North America's greenhouse gases (GHGs). Regular building operations consumes over 70 percent of all electricity generated in the region. The GHG emissions rate is most intense in cities, with buildings responsible for 79 percent of New York's carbon footprint. It is a similar picture elsewhere the figure for London, for example, is 60 percent. To put this in perspective, SUVs count for just 3 percent of emissions in North America.

If we are to successfully tackle global warming, we clearly have to do something about the carbon footprint of our buildings, and particularly our old and inefficient residential and office stock. The good news is that if we do, we will reap far more than just climate change benefits.

Making buildings more efficient will cut energy bills and save expenditure on new power generation infrastructure. Less fossil fuel-generated power will mean cleaner air and better health, leading to lower health costs. Upgrading apartments and offices could transform the lives of residents and workers. And if we approach the task in the right way, we could give a facelift to many of the constructions that blight our landscapes and revitalize the visual experience of our cities.

So how do we go about solving this problem?  ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY RENOVATION.

SQ Metre is committed to preserving the environment and staying current with the latest technologies through a green design process, following all environmentally friendly and recycling regulations.